Publish npm package into Nexus and use it in another app

Before you publish npm library to nexus or npm registry you can try it out locally.
Hope you already know how to link your library with your project locally and do the development. However, if you don’t know, please follow the below two steps to test your library locally linked with your app without installing it from a remote registry.

// step 1: To publish library locally & use it in applcation
cd path-to-your-library/
npm run build

npm link
// step 2: To install npm library which is pulished in locallycd path-to-your-applicaiton/your-applicaiton
npm link secure-react-keycloak
npm run start

Let’s jump into the publishing part

When I tried out the following command to publish my npm library according to guidelines.

npm login --registry=

after logging in with a username, password, email I tried out

npm publish

but it gives an error,

Then tried out the following step and get things done.

Publish into nexus

npm publish --registry

This command works like a charm.

Install the library into another project

Create a .npmrc file in the project root directory with the following lines

registry =
registry =

Install the package

npm i -S secure-react-keycloak

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